“From seed to seedling and then off to grow a new forest. The process of afforestation all starts at the Ferguson Tree Nursery in Kemptville.” Kemptville Advance new coverage of a visit from Forest industry leaders, representing conservation authorities from across Ontario, to the Ferguson Forest Centre nursery on Wednesday, Oct. 12, to check out its stock. Read Details


Posted: Wednesday, 31 August 2022
As you walk through the arboretum at the Ferguson Forest Centre, you will notice a number of recently installed tree identification plaques. The arboretum, among other roles, is intended to serve as a place where trees, shrubs and herb like plants are cultivated and kept for the enjoyment of the general population as well as for educational and scientific study. The tree identification program was designed to enhance the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation’s (FFCC’s) forest related educational role.  The program provides an opportunity for public donations to purchase approximately thirty (30) ground mounted plaques with the print reflecting the strategically…
Canada's Forest Trust (CFT) is pleased to share the launch of their $250,000 Student Scholarship Program for students pursuing education in the environment. Over the next five years, CFT will activate various scholarship opportunities to engage students. Funds will be available for programs, activities and educational pursuits related to the environment to promote students' continued engagement in climate action. The 2022 activation invites students from across Canada aged 13-18 to submit a 30-second TikTok style video answering the question: Why a Forest and Not a Tree? Through CFT’s School Smart Forest and $250,000 Student Scholarship programs, students will become more…
MEDIA RELEASE- April 7, 2022 Ferguson Forest Centre Arboretum Tree Identification Plaque Program Unveiled Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation President Carl Doucette is pleased to announce the initiation of the arboretum tree identification plaque program. President Doucette advised … “Ever since the establishment of the Ferguson Forest Centre Corporation (FFCC) the intent has been to have an arboretum that provides educational, activity and contemplative opportunities for the residents of North Grenville and the immediate area. The community has appeared to embrace the many activities now seasonally available in the 10 hectare arboretum including, among other things, disc golf, groomed cross country…
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