The Ferguson Forest Centre (FFC) is seeking community support for the arboretum tree identification plaque program. Please help with the enhancement of the arboretum as a learning, activity and contemplation area for public use and enjoyment by means of a donation towards the purchase of a tree and or shrub identification plaque or plaques.

What is an arboretum? It is a place where trees, shrubs and herb like plants are cultivated and kept for the enjoyment of the general population as well as for educational and scientific study. The FFC plans to locate approximately thirty (30) ground mounted tree identification plaques within the arboretum at strategic points for the purpose of increasing public awareness regarding important local trees, shrubs and other cultivated plants.

The plaques are 6x6 inch, 1/8 inch thick aluminum composite with black background and white print reflecting the subject tree name in Latin (Genus and Species), English, French and Algonquin if available , relevant tree information, FFC logo, and the donor name.

We will attempt to accommodate any request for a specific tree or shrub and associated plaque; however, if it is determined that the tree or shrub is not available, the donation will be automatically applied to an alternative tree or shrub and associated plaque. The complete tree and shrub list can be downloaded here.

The donation fee for each plaque is $50.00. Donors of $500.00 or more will also have their name/logo placed on the arboretum gateway sign. The arboretum tree identification plaque program donor form can be downloaded or completed online. Your assistance, by making a donation for one (1) or more tree identification plaques, is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Carl Cannon, FFC Corporation Board Director and FEAC Chair